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Mojar General Micheal James Holden is a fcitional character from the televison series Army Wives, portrayed by Brian McNamara

250px-Brian McNamara as Army Wife character Michael Holden

Personal LifeEdit

Michael has been married to Claudia Joy Holden for 20 years. They met while they were studying at Harvard University and are currently living at Fort Marshall.

Michael and Claudia Joy have two teenage daughters, Amanda Joy and Emmalin Jane.Amanda was killed in a bombing that took place during the first season's finale.

Claudia Joy and Michael are the god parents of Joan and Roland Burton's daughter, Sara Elizabeth, and to Frank and Denise Sherwood's daughter Molly Victoria Sherwood

He enjoys fishing and hunting.

Michael Holden


Michael James Holden (full name)



Occupation Current:

Current: Post commander at Fort Marshall, South Carolina


NATO (few months)


Major General in the United States Army


Claudia Joy Holden (wife)


Amanda Joy Holden (daughter; deceased) Emmalin Jane Holden (daughter)


Sara Elizabeth Burton (goddaughter) Molly Victoria Sherwood (goddaughter)


Michael currently holds the rank of Major General and is post commander of Fort Marshall. Despite being initially passed over due to false allegations of racism, he was promoted to the rank of Brigadier General after General Baker retired following an aneurysm. After one year of being Brigadier General, Michael was offered a job at NATO in Brussels. He accepted, but shortly returned to Fort Marshall for family and was offered an even better job. He received his second star at the end of Season 3.

He is a highly decorated soldier holding various awards:

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