Personal lifeEdit

Denise is married to LTC Frank Sherwood, to whom she has been married for twenty years. They have a son, Jeremy Sherwood. Jeremy in the first season was physically abusing his own mother and out of guilt joined the U.S Army
250px-Catherine Bell as Army Wives character Denise Sherwood

Portrayed by

Catherine Bell


Denise Branch (birth name)



Occupation Current:

Emergency medical technician


Registered nurse at Mercer Army Hospital




Frank Sherwood (married)


Suzanne (older sister) Beth (younger sister)

Significant Other(s)

Mac (affair) Dr.Chirs Ferhingetti (kissed)


Jeremy T. Sherwood (son, with Frank; deceased) Molly Victoria Sherwood (daughter, with Frank)

Denise finished earning her nursing degree, and starts work as an RN at the post hospital. This causes a division between Denise and Frank, as he feels her start to change and become more independent. Denise and Frank filed for divorce, because Denise had an affair with a patient, Mac, while Frank was away in Iraq. Frank found out about the affair through another soldier and was sent home to deal with his marital affairs. Frank also had reasons to be suspicious, because when Dr. Chris Ferlinghetti (Getti) was still alive, Denise and Getti got extremely close, and after Getti's motorcycle wreck while he was in the hospital, Frank saw Denise kissing his hand.

Frank and Denise have since abandoned the divorce and worked out their differences, remaining married.

In the Season 3 finale, after Jeremy witnessed the death of his friend in combat, the show ended with Denise and Frank returning home from Michael's promotion ceremony to hear a gunshot from inside the house. The fate of Jeremy is left unknown until the next season.

After Roxy has a miscarriage in Season 4, Denise finds out she's pregnant (this was due to the actress Catherine Bell becoming pregnant in real life). She tells Frank by giving him a box with a mobile in it when he's in bed. In "Army Strong", Denise finds out that they are expecting a girl. She and Frank plan to name their daughter Molly. In the season finale, Denise gives birth to Molly Victoria Sherwood.

In Season 5, her son Jeremy is killed in combat in Afghanistan. Denise is devastated and initially unable to move on but she finds strength in a letter that Jeremy wrote to her and Frank before he died. Denise introduces Frank to Molly and Tanya after he arrives back at Fort Marshall with Jeremy's body.

More About Denise SherwoodEdit

Denise Sherwood hasn’t known much outside of Army life. Her father is from a long line of military men, and moving from post to post made forming friendships difficult for her growing up. After marrying Lieutenant Colonel Frank Sherwood, a man who made her feel loved and protected, she put the rest of her life on hold, including her nursing studies, to dedicate herself to being a wife and mom. Dealing with her husband’s deployments and son Jeremy enlisting (and deploying) has forced to Denise to find her inner strength, especially with support from other Army wives. This once shy and reserved wife broke out of her shell while her family was away — riding a motorcycle, getting a tattoo and falling for a hot doctor she worked with, who tragically died. But Denise’s biggest gamble with her career and her marriage came when she slept with a former patient and was forced to pick up the pieces of her failing marriage when Frank returned home from a recent deployment. While her husband Lieutenant Colonel Frank Sherwood and son are back in Afghanistan, Denise is experiencing being a mother a second time around with the birth of her daughter Molly.

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